Jungle Emperor Leo (DVD)

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Title: Jungle Emperor Leo
Volume: DVD
Running time: 100
Distributor: Eastern Star

Release date: 2016-12-20
Suggested retail price: $19.95
Age rating: ALL

UPC: 875707122023 875707122023

Jungle Emperor Leo is remastered and presented in anamorphic widescreen for the first time!

At the foot of the mysterious Moon Mountain lives a white lion named Leo, ruler of the jungle. He and his family live peacefully among the other animals in a lush habitat with which they have been blessed.

Humans have entered Leo’s domain, shattering the peace in their relentless search for moonlight stones, a source of exquisite wealth. Overwhelmed by greed, they have little regard for the living creatures of the jungle. The animals, disturbed by the occupation of their rightful home, must resist the intruders.

Jungle Emperor Leo is also known as Kimba the White Lion in the west.

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