BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad [UK] (DVD/R2)

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Title: BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad [UK]
Volume: DVD/R2
Running time: 625
Distributor: Anime Limited

Release date: 2016-09-19
Suggested retail price: $29.99
Age rating: 12

SKU: ANI0084
EAN: 5037899062739 5037899062739

One of IGN's Top 10 Anime Series of 2007 finally gets a complete release in the UK!

Synopsis: When it's live, anything can happen. Even a revolution.

Mongolian Chop Squad is the award-winning series that dares you to follow your dream even when society tells you to give it up. A rough and tumble saga full of characters who don't back down, Mongolian Chop Squad proves you never have to fight to be heard when you're living as loud as you can.

Koyuki knows there's gotta be more to life than going to school and striking out with girls. He discovers exactly how right he is after meeting Ryusuke, a local guitar hero with a shady reputation. The two misfits start a band - Beck - and their only goal is to save rock n' roll. It's gonna take more than hard work; it will take obsession. But if the guys can stay true to their vision, the whole world awaits.

This release bring the entire 26 episodes of the series with both the English dub and original Japanese audio with subtitles in one complete DVD collection.

Extras: Textless Opening and Closing title sequences

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