Only the Ring Finger Knows - The Lonely Ring Finger (Novel 1)

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Title: Only the Ring Finger Knows - The Lonely Ring Finger
Volume: Novel 1
Pages: 246
Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing

Release date: 2006-03-15
Suggested retail price: $8.95
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1569709041 1569709041
ISBN-13: 9781569709047 9781569709047

Not only is Yuichi the most mysterious, sought-after guy at school, he's got an excellent shot at getting into a prestigious university... and no one knows this better than his secret love, Wataru. But instead of a vacation break spent celebrating beneath the fragrant sway of summer blossoms, both boys must surrender to Yuichi's grueling study schedule.

How can they possibly sweeten the deal? A bet that promises to take their young relationship to the next level is in the works, but Wataru complicates matters when the very ring that symbolizes their precious bond goes missing. Prying girls and wisecracking best friends only fuel the flames of gossip, and soon the small white lies that were only meant to protect the heart of Wataru's beloved become poison arrows.

With the test and their relationship on the line, can the boys hold on long enough to survive the sticky meltdown of their longest summer?

Story by Satoru Kannagi and art by Hotaru Odagiri.

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