Kurogane (GN 3 of 5)

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Title: Kurogane
Volume: GN 3 / 5
Pages: 208
Distributor: Del Rey

Release date: 2006-12-26
Suggested retail price: $10.95
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 0345492056 0345492056
ISBN-13: 9780345492050 9780345492050

Jintetsu left the world of the living behind... until he was resurrected in a new steel body. Now his only future seems to be as an aimless drifter; an assassin for hire. It's a hard and lonely life, because beneath this samurai's cold steel armor beats an all-too-human heart.

Jintetsu is lost in the mountains when a man offers him shelter. But the quaint house is actually a house of horrors, haunted by lost love and madness. There Jintetsu meets O-en, a beautiful, intelligent woman who has lived for years with a burning hatred and is now obsessed with vengeance. And she's hell-bent on sweeping Jintetsu into her drama of revenge!

Story and art by Kei Toume.

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