Zipang - Return to the Future (DVD 7)

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Title: Zipang - Return to the Future
Volume: DVD 7
Running time: 75
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2007-09-04
Suggested retail price: $24.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 12773
UPC: 013023277397 013023277397

Can a crew from the future survive the past?

With a reunited crew, Mirai finally arrives in 20th-century Yokosuka, receiving a mixed welcome. The crew is forced to keep its guard up against the many who desires its demise. Once in Yokosuka, Commanding Officer Kadomatsu embarks on a search for the key to his past and ends off on the ultimate crusade on behalf of the future of Japan. Can a revered former general of the imperial navy play the pivotal role in determining the future of Mirai? With enemies on all sides, the crew bunkers down for one final battle.

- 24. The Dead and the Alive
- 25. Coming Home
- 26. The Place of Return

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