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Here's a little Guide to the characters in Magic User's Club!

Name: Sae Sawanoguchi
Age: 16
Birthday: December 31
Blood Type: O

She is a rather clumsy girl that is always tripping over or bumping into things. Yet she is very optimistic and tries to do the best she can at anything she tries, especially magic. She isn't very good at magic yet, but it would seem that she has a very large potential. Sae highly respects and has a crush on the Magic Club leader, Takeo Takakura. Her best friend is Nanaka Nakatomi. Her faithful guardian is Jeff-kun.

Name: Jeff Kun
Age: ??
Birthday: ??
Blood type: Stuffed

He's Sae's faithful sidekick, he doesn't say much, but he's always at her side. Not much is known about Jeff-kun. Once, when she was very young, Sae wrecked her older sister's birthday cake by accident while trying to get a look at it. Unable to fix the once lovely cake, she ran away. While crying a cherry tree grove, Sae was surrounded by a group of dancing bears. When they vanished, a small teddy bear with a blue bow was left behind. Since then Jeff Kun has never left her side. But there seems to be some hidden secret about him; the Tsurigane seems to have an unexplained interest in him.

Name: Nanaka Nakatomi
Age: 16
Birthday: September 17
Blood Type: A

She is Sae's best of friends. They got to know each other while attending Kindergarten. She is always looking after Sae who seems to get herself into into trouble. Unlike Sae, Nanaka is very level headed, she is very down to earth while Sae tends to daydream constantly. Nanaka has a crush on the club vice president Ayanojou. Nothing would please Nanaka more than to quit the magic club. Unfortunately, she won't leave without Sae and Sae refuses to go!

Name: Akane Aikawa
Age: 15
Birthday: October 3
Blood Type: B

Akane really likes boys. She's also very good at magic, but usually more interested in spending time with a guy. Her spells are very powerful, but her spellcasting has a bit of a twist, whenever she casts a spell, the object upon which it is cast spins. Akane, unfortunately, is a bit of a slacker. It's a rare event for her to attend a club meeting of any kind. She also tends to use her magic to get even with people, a practice which gets her into some seriosu trouble later in the series.

Name: Takeo Takakura
Age: 17
Birthday: March 11
Blood Type: B

Takeo is the President of the Kitanohashi High School Magic Club. He's the one who found the original magic wand and created replicas for the club to use. He has many books on magic. Takeo is extremely interested in Magic, and the most knowledgeable member of the club. He also happens to be a bit of a pervert, obsessing over visions of the female club members in their underwear. Despite really being a winp, Takeo is constantly trying to act brave in order to impress the female club members, which often gets him, and them, into trouble.

Name: Ayanojou Aburatsubo
Age: 16
Birthday: June 6
Blood Type: AB

Ayanojou is the most popular guy at school. He excels at all sports and academics and is a member of many different school clubs. He is the vice president of the magic club and seems to have a similar level of proficiency as Takeo. Ayanojou didn't join the magic club because of an interest in magic, but rather because of an interest in Takeo; unfortunately for Ayanojou's many female admirers (foremost amongst them is Nanaka) he's gay.

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