Gackt/Gackpoid CD Is Gackt's 39th Top-10 Single

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2 songs, first created with synthesized voice, set record for most top-10 singles by male soloist

"Episode. 0," Gackt's first CD single in a year, sold 29,000 copies to rank #3 on the singles chart for the July 11-17 week. "Episode. 0" is the singer's 39th top-10 single since the limited edition of his solo debut, "Mizerable," was #3 back in June of 1999. Gackt had tied the male soloist record for most top-10 singles (38, held by Toshihiko Tahara since his "Ame ga Sakenderu" reached #8 nearly 19 years ago) — but thanks to "Episode. 0," Gackt now holds the new record by himself.

The two songs on Gackt's newest single, "Episode. 0" and "Paranoid Doll," were originally created by independent musicians [email protected] and natsu (SCL Project) for a 2009 contest with "Gackpoid," a software that provides a synthesized Vocaloid version of Gackt's voice. Gackt had promised on the Nico Nico Live program at the time that he would record the songs with his own voice.

Kentarou Miura, the creator of the manga Berserk, illustrated the limited-edition first-pressing cover (pictured above) for the "Episode. 0" single with a bundled DVD. Miura also drew the cover artwork for the Gackpoid software package.

Gackt's website is streaming a promotional video for the single, and it is also streaming a sample for listening.

The original Gackpoid music videos of the singles are also streaming online:

(To turn off the superimposed comments in the videos, select the word balloon icon in the bottom right corner of the video.)

Source: Oricon

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