Sentinel iPhone Cases Feature Attack on Titan Sword Grip, Metal Gear Solid V: iDroid

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Toy maker Sentinel has showing off some bulky smartphone cases lately, but what they lack in convenience, they totally make up for in pure coolness.

On display at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition was this display model of Sentinel's newest iPhone 5/5S case, modeled after the sword grips seen on the 3D maneuver gear used by the Attack on Titan soldiers. The grips include two sets of triggers, allowing the wearer to fire grappling hooks and deploy their blades.

Image: Tumblr

While the case itself doesn't fire any hooks or store any blades, it does have a moveable hammer and squeezable triggers. Pressing the inside-triggers reveals the phone's camera.

Meanwhile, Sentinel also has an iPhone 5/5S case modeled after Snake's iDroid from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The case was showed off by game director Hideo Kojima, who also mentioned that the case, sadly, "Does not include hologram. (laughs)." It does, however, include moveable parts, a working light, and a removable stylus. For the full experience, users can even download the free Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes app, which will turn the iPhone home screen into the iDroid map.

The case will retail for ¥7,500 and will be released this October.

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