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It's Always Time to Save the Day with a Triforce Digital Clock

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Comes packaged with special editions of the Japanese version of Hyrule Warriors

With E3 having concluded just last week, the internet is currently rife with news about the amazing year ahead in terms of gaming. Of course, as always, one of the big players at the show, as always, was a little company by the name of Nintendo. While many fans are still raving over the newest characters announced for the next Super Smash Bros., plenty of eyes were also on the latest announcements regarding Nintendo's latest Legend of Zelda game, Hyrule Warriors.

The game, which is a collaboration between Nintendo and Tecmo KOEI, breaks away from the usual feel of a Zelda game to provide a feel more like Dynasty Warriors. And while we in the states are stoked just to have a release date only a month behind that in Japan, there may be another reason why we should be jealous of our friends oversees.

Tecmo KOEI announced last week, via their official Twitter account for Hyrule Warriors, known as Zelda Musou over in Japan, that the two special collectors packs for the game would include what may easily be the most amazing timekeeping device in all of video game history. This Triforce Clock, comes bundled with both the Premium Box, which may be pre-ordered from most Japanese retailers, as well as the Treasure Box, which is available exclusively through Game City and Amazon.jp. In addition to waking you up with just enough time to eat breakfast before going out to face the day (and Ganon), the clock looks amazing on any corner table or nightstand.

The Premium Box will also include an exclusive official game booklet and two special in game costume packs titled "Courage" and "Wisdom," each containing three costumes. The Treasure Box expands this by adding another pack of two costumes titled "Power," Link's scarf, and a treasure box with built in sound effects. While no news on whether or not a similar package will be available in the United States, that won't stop many fans from importing this tantalizing piece of Zelda merchandise.

Zelda Musou is scheduled for release in Japan on August 14 of this year, with a North American release of Hyrule Warriors to follow shortly afterward on September 26. For more information, visit either the Japanese or English official sites for the game.

Source: Comic Natalie.

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