Honda's Asimo Robot Has Coffee-Serving Skills

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Honda began working on its humanoid Asimo robot as early as 1986, and it's made literal leaps and bounds since then. The current version can walk backwards, forwards, go up and down stairs, recognize multiple faces at once, and work in your local Starbucks.

The robot's dexterous hands can both pour and serve drinks, whether they're in a glass or a soft paper cup, with ease. Asimo is also bilingual in both Japanese and English, too. But human baristas aren't out of work yet. Asimo's battery life only lets him run for about 40 minutes, probably not long enough to work a standard eight-hour shift.

Honda notes that the robot is still in development and there aren't any plans to commercialize him yet.

Source: The Daily Mail

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