Gintama Game Center Collaboration Re-imagines Characters in a Theme Park

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Welcome to "Gintamaaaa Land," the craziest place on earth.

Unlike most anime and manga series, Gintama tends to jump around from genre to genre sometimes, changing its tone significantly to fit its current needs. Of course, wherever the story goes in terms of feel, the characters follow to match it. But what if the world of Gintama were suddenly to open up its own theme park? Well, in line with the unpredictable mishaps of Gintoki and the others, the official Gintama PR Twitter announced its latest collaboration with Banpresto and Amusement-Centers throughout Japan: "Game Center Gintamaaaa Land."

First unveiled in a tweet on August 24, the "Game Center Gintamaaaa Land" series re-imagines the main cast of Gintama as characters in a theme park. Starting in Winter of 2015, Amusement-Centers will be stocked with various prizes from this new line of goods. While some characters have been given a flattering makeover, such as Gintoki as a Majestic Prince or Okita as a cool cowboy, others are not as lucky, with Kondo turning into a bo-peep-esque shepherdess and Yamazaki is stuck being cowboy Okita's getaway horse.

While it looks like there are still some prizes that have yet to have been announced, here's a look at some of the collaboration items that have been revealed thus far.

First, since no theme park would be complete without an adorable mascot, the lovable Sadaharu steps in to fulfill that role. Available both in a prince outfit and a cowboy guise, Sadaharu will be winnable as a mini-stuffed animal, which can be strapped to your belt. He also doubles as a pouch, perfect for carrying small items in.

Next, so that you can take your favorite characters with you wherever you go, take a peek at these "Game Center Gintamaaaa Land" character pins. While each pack comes with a total of two pins, there are eight different packs in all (six of which are pictured above) for a complete set of 16 pins.

Thanks to the next set of prizes, you can create your own "Game Center Gintamaaaa Land" parade lineup. These two volumes of Gintama Kyun-Chara figures each contain four different characters for a total of eight figures thus far. Their miniature size allows you to find a place for them just about anywhere and turn any area into your own mini "Gintamaaaa Land."

Finally, no Japanese arcade prize set would be complete without a lineup of clear file sets. There are a total of four sets, each containing two clear files which correspond with one of the many shows that visitors to "Gintamaaaa Land" can watch. Each clear file set comes with a printed ticket from each of the shows.

Distribution of these prizes to Amusement-Centers in Japan will begin in February of next year, though the clear files will not be available until March. In the mean time, keep an eye on the official Gintama PR twitter for more announcements.

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