Bootleg Cardcaptor Sakura Totally Doesn't Condone the Evil Stick

posted on by Bamboo Dong

In a story that's as bizarre as it is also simultaneously horrible and kind of funny, a dollar store in Dayton, OH has gotten some unusual press for a toy that it had on its shelves.

Called the "Evil Stick," it promises "wonderful music" and a bootleg image of Card Captor Sakura.

Besides the obvious fact that the "Evil Stick" is not official Card Captor Sakura merch, it's doubtful that Sakura would really approve of the toy anyway, which cackles evily and has an image of a ghoulish girl slicing her wrists with a knife.

The store is now currently sold out of the item, however, with items going on eBay for well over their $1 purchase price.

Thanks to Grace and Ryan C for the tips!

Source: WHIO

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