Armin Leads the Survey Corps in the Attack on Stretching

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Who knew that looking stiff and scared was a stretch routine?

The brave souls in the Survey Corps who venture beyond the walls to take on Titans must undergo extensive training to be counted among the best. They must be both sound in mind and in body, and be in peak physical condition. Thinking over the physical exertion they must go through day after day, it's only natural to think that their typical training must include a good amount of stretching. Now, the same stretching techniques that help the Survey Corps stay alive can be yours thanks to the latest issue of Kadokawa health and fashion magazine Chou Chou Aliis.

Volume 5 of the magazine, which hit shelves in Japan December 19, contains a special article using Attack On Titan character, Armin Arlert, to depict a stretch routines that is beneficial for your posture and physical health. Apparently, all this time when Armin was straightening up and sucking in his chest to salute people, he was also demonstrating a special stretching technique known as the "Draw-In," which is designed to subconsciously fix your posture and make your body look thinner. Who knew?

In perhaps a strange coincidence, the cover page of this issue headlines another article titled, "The Secret Method to Eating and Staying Thin." Perhaps that section will be led by a Titan trying to convince people that all they've been doing is trying to stay thin. After all, Titans don't have any digestive organs.

[Via: Comic Natalie]

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