Miyazaki Shares His Thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, Says Drawing Muhammad Was A Mistake

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Earlier in the week, celebrated film director Hayao Miyazaki sat down for an interview with TBS Radio's "Day Catch!," hosted by Kyoukei Arakawa. At some point, the conversation turned to the Charlie Hebdo shooting that occurred January 7, which resulted in 12 deaths and 11 injuries, and five more deaths in related incidents that followed.

Said Miyazaki, "I think it's a mistake to caricaturize the figures venerated by another culture. You shouldn't do it." He followed up his comment by adding, "Instead of doing something like that, you should make more caricatures of you own country's politicians."

Although his opinion may be divisive, he is certainly not alone. A poll published by Le Journal du Dimanche last month showed that 42% of French people polled believed that Charlie Hebdo shouldn't publish cartoons depicting Muhammad if some find it offensive.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan via RocketNews24; additional information from Time; cover image from Indiewire

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