Create the Perfect Beer Head with Takara Tomy's Portable Sonic Foaming Device

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Takara Tomy has a huge collection of devices, all made for the sole purpose of creating the perfect pour. There's Sonic Hour, a plate that will generate head under a variety of glasses via sonic vibrations. They also have beer servers, to help get that perfect distinction between clear pours and foam, as well as special steins and can kegs. But none of those are as convenient as Sonic Hour Portable, a small hand-held device that will emit sonic vibrations into your beer glass and generate foam.

Of course, you could just learn to master the art of tilting your glass and knowing when to stop, but this device seems like it could be a fun conversation starter. And it's only 2,900 yen (about US$24.30), so it's only slightly more than a 30-rack of bad beer.

In addition to beer-pouring devices, Takara Tomy also has a vast catalog of fun but narrowly-specific toys, like Pocky decorators, an egg scrambler, a banana smoothie maker, a mandarin orange juicer with built-in spigot, instant latte art, cold somen servers, and 3D latte art foam guns.

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