Combat NEETs Take On the Work Force in Parody Video

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

NEETs, young adults Not in Education, Employment, or Training, are a growing population in Japan. Politicians sometimes reference the group as a matter of concern, while an increasing number of entertainment targeting otaku star NEETs. Story protagonists and their real life counterparts are often characterized as individuals suffering from extreme social anxiety, agoraphobia, chunbiyo, obsessive tendencies, being socially awkward, or just being a general ungrateful deadbeat that wants to play video games all day.

A YouTube video is rebranding the idea of NEET to "Not Employment Embattled Team," a group of like-minded individuals who stick to their unemployment together and battle those seeking to give them jobs. It pokes fun at the stereotypes placed on the group.

The video is Japanese but is narrated completely in English.

Other companies have also sought to add humor to the idea of NEETs. The self-proclaimed "NEET, Inc." created the "Made Because the 30 Year Old NEET Lifestyle is Okay" board game and a service in Akihabara began renting NEETs to hang out with interested customers.

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