Sega Promotes Alien: Isolation Game With Saga City's Creepy Eel Goby

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Swiss artist H. R. Giger designed an iconic monster when he penned what became the fearsome antagonist of Ridley Scott's Alien horror films. The alien's design was unlike anything on the screen when it debuted in 1979, with three terrifying forms including the snake-like Chestburster.

Nature, however, is always carrying out its own horror movie and the creepiest scenes are underwater. Odontamblyopus lacepedii, a variety of burrowing eel goby, is one such monster living in the waters of China, Korea and Japan. It bears a striking resemblance to the Chestbuster and Sega saw it as a perfect opportunity to push its Japanese release of the Alien: Isolation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game while simultaneously promoting a Japanese city where Chestbursters on are the menu.

Known in Japan as the warasubo, Sega and Saga City are dubbing the eel goby the "Alien of Ariake." The game and eel's campaign will run from Friday to June 13 and include products based on the eel, including the opportunity to have one broiled up to eat, dried as a snack, or in powder form. Participating customers will be entered in a lottery to win a copy of Alien: Isolation. Live warasubo will also be on display with presentations on the creature's importance as a local delicacy and the industry involved in farming them.

The Saga City promotional office also created a horror film teaser trailer featuring the creepy eel.


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