Heartbeat Monitor Tells You Whether You Prefer 2-D or 3-D

posted on by Eric Stimson
Exhibit at CEATEC trade show

ROHM, a semiconductor manufacturer, has an exhibit at electronic trade show CEATEC Japan that will monitor your heartbeat to discern whether you prefer 2-D or 3-D members of the opposite sex. The display uses light sensors to measure how much your blood vessels contract when confronted by a boy or girl in a romantic situation and calculates your heart rate from this. A high heart rate is used to indicate love.

Visitors to the ROHM booth first go to a screen where a 2-D boy or girl confesses their love...

... then move on to a window where an actual boy or girl resembling the 2-D character also confesses their love. The booth even includes grips that resemble love letters from the infatuated.

After their results are determined, visitors can pose and take photographs making heart gestures with their true love.

... Or with both of their love interests, if the test finds they like both dimensions.

The idea for this test sprang from an April Fool's Day joke posted on Facebook this year which received such a promising response that ROHM actually carried it out, with cooperation from TECHMAC. "Light sensor detection is not a new technology, but we planned an exhibit in accordance with our display's goal of 'granting dreams through building things,'" explains Mayu Konishi, ROHM's head of advertising.

[Via Monoist and ITmedia LifeStyle]

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