Survey Shows Plurality of Japanese Bachelors Spend Christmas Alone

posted on by Eric Stimson
Unmarried women more evenly split

In Japan, Christmas is usually seen as more of a romantic holiday with sparkling lights, magical snowfall and cakes, while New Year's assumes the role of family-oriented celebration that Christmas has in the West. But in modern Japan, many young adults do not have the option of celebrating Christmas with a loved one. Anniversaire, a Japanese wedding and holiday planner, conducted an online survey on September 30 and October 1 of young adults regarding whom they spend their Christmases with. The survey garnered 600 responses divided equally by gender among the age range 23 to 39. It also excluded married people.

The results, which were published on December 4, suggest there is some truth to the notion of a lonely bachelor spending his Christmas home alone:

Alone: 42.7%
With girlfriend: 28%
With family: 17.3%
With siblings: 3.7%
With friends: 2.7%
With pets: 2.3%
With male friends: 2%
With colleagues: .7%
Other: .7%

With boyfriend: 29.7%
Alone: 26.7%
With family: 26.3%
With siblings: 5%
With female friends: 4.3%
With friends: 3%
With pets: 2.3%
Other: 2%
With colleagues: .7%

[Via My Navi News; Image from Shirabee]

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