New Maid Cafe Based in Newcastle and Manchester

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Inviting applications from all over the UK.

A new maid cafe, Meian Maids, is being set up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Manchester, and will attend various conventions and events. It is inviting applications from all over the UK. From its press release:

Maid Cafes are on the rise in popularity, especially in the UK! And as a result, another pop up Maid Cafe has opened; Meian Maids, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Manchester. It has a sickly sweet side, inspired by magical girls, pink and all things cute. But it also has a dark side, inspired by all things creepy, spooky and quirky! These two styles co-exist to make Meian Maids a brand new experience. Meian Maids has just opened its applications for aspiring Maids to join, so if you want to get involved then you can message them directly on Facebook for more details. Applications from all over the UK are welcome, so long as you are available for travel. We can't wait to see you at our first event!

Meian Maids was set up in 2016 by a group of girls with a love for Maid Cafes. They are a pop up cafe, so they will be attending various conventions and events in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates!

Meian Maids has a website here and a facebook page here.

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