Fans Follow Godzilla's Path of Destruction from Shin Godzilla in Tokyo's Ōta Ward

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Staff at the Keikyū Kamata tourist information center in the Ōta ward of Tokyo have put together an unofficial map of Godzilla's path of destruction from the recent movie Shin Godzilla to aid fans wanting to visit various sites where scenes were filmed. Several fans have documented their journeys across Ōta ward's Kamata neighborhood, where the primary Godzilla-stomping action takes place.

In regards to spoilers: The original Japanese tweets include mild spoilers about Godzilla's actions in the film. These have not been included in the English translations in an effort to prevent spoiling the film for anyone. The following tweets do include an image of the map that shows the path that Godzilla takes in the film as well as images of several places where Godzilla appears.

"By the way, today I'll be doing a pilgrimage following the route of the Godzilla in Shin Godzilla, and I'll gather photos together afterwards. Godzilla was even more huge than I had thought." A scene with Godzilla happens here (spoilers omitted).

"I stopped by the Keikyū Kamata tourist information center, and they gave me a map of the route taken by Godzilla in Shin Godzilla. It was very helpful. Thank you very much."

"In this picture you can see the downstream side of the Ayamebashi bridge...and the main street off the eastern entrance side of the Kamata station." A scene with Godzilla happens here (spoilers omitted).

"From Kamata station, I faced the ocean and went down to the Nomikawa river, and there were lots of boats moored there." A scene with Godzilla happens here (spoilers omitted).

"It took me about 30 min. to walk here from JR Kamata, walking parallel to the Nomikawa river, but if you came from Keikyū Kamata it probably wouldn't take as long." A scene with Godzilla happens here (spoilers omitted).

"Ōta ward vs. Godzilla."

The local Kamata bath-house is apparently celebrating the release of Shin Godzilla with signage, displays, and a mural in one of the baths, so it has also been a popular stopping point for Godzilla fans.

"Shin Godzilla Ōta ward Kamata landing, Godzilla hot springs."

"And then this way (they're blurry so I'll re-do them), there's this kind of Godzilla festival at the Kamata bath-house."

"'s the Godzilla bath-house."

Shin Godzilla, directed by Hideaki Anno was released in Japanese theaters on July 29. It has earned 5.3 billion yen (about US$51.63 million) as of August 29 and has surpassed Anno's previous film, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. The film has been licensed by Funimation and will be released in North America, South America, and the Caribbean in late 2016.

Source: Kai-You

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