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Code Geass 10th Anniversary Event Teases "Demon's Rebirth" — & Maybe More …

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Fans decode possible secret message in event invitation

A few lucky fans received a ticket and a fancy invitation to November 27's Code Geass 10th Anniversary event — and maybe a bit more ... The "Code Geass no Kiseki no Anniversary" invitation teases a secret code, and then slips in fine print at the bottom, "P.S. The answer is beneath "kai."

The main text of the invitation has three words that are pronounced with "kai" — the Greek letter "X," "今回" (konkai), and "会." It also has a couple of two-character words that have the same line strokes as the Japanese characters for "kai" (カイ) — "勤倹" and "勅使."

Directly beneath these five words are these characters: "魔," "神," "の," "複" and "活." String these five characters together and you get "魔神の復活" — "Rebirth of the Demon." Remember a certain someone nicknamed the "Demon"?

Not incidentally, the first episodes of the two current anime seasons of Code Geass are titled "Majin ga Umareta Hi" ("The Day a New Demon was Born") and "Majin ga Mezameru Hi" ("The Day a Demon Awakens") …

[Via Zero, Hawkeye, Yaraon!, Hachima Kikō]

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