7 Samurai Promote Nissin Cup Noodles With Sports

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

Nissin Cup Noodles set loose Freestyle Football champion Kotaro Tokuda in Brazil as its soccer samurai in 2014. The brand recruited more extreme sports-playing warriors for a promotional video it began streaming on Tuesday.

The video begins with a surfing samurai taking the shores of Rio de Janeiro. Next, skateboarding, biking, skiing, slacklining, and Xpogoing samurai appear. The commercial concludes with the return of the freestyle-soccer samurai.

The seven samurai in the video are a reference to Akira Kurosawa's classic film Seven Samurai. Toshiro Mifune, the late actor who played the lead role of Kikuchiyo in the film, coincidentally received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on Monday.

According to Nissin, the "global commercial" for Cup Noodles' 2016-2017 season features locales in Brazil, Japan, India, Indonesia, and Singapore. The commercial aims to showcase how any one person can change the world at any time with their inner fire. The message is, "If you are just as much of an idiot, be an idiot who makes the world boil."

As the video says, remember, "Crazy makes the future."

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