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Rose of Versailles's Oscar Makes an Appearance on Sumō Banner

posted on by Eric Stimson
13th Rose of Versailles volume goes on sale January 25

Fans of classic shōjo manga attending this month's sumō tournament are in for an unexpected treat: Oscar, the iconic protagonist of The Rose of Versailles, is gracing a kenshōmaku ("prize banner").

Sumō wrestlers raise prize money from sponsors, often corporations, who split it between the Japan Sumō Association and the winners of sumō bouts. In return the sponsors are advertised before the match on big, colorful banners marched around the ring by attendants.

While the elegant, sparkling world of Versailles in the 1700s may seem far-removed from the grunting of sumō matches, Margaret, the magazine that publishes The Rose of Versailles, explains that "there's a match between Rose's dignified worldview and sumō's formality." Margaret has been publishing extra episodes of The Rose of Versailles filling in its characters' backstories; it hopes that this strategy will lure back older shōjo manga fans who have "graduated" from the magazine.

The January tournament lasts until January 22 at Tokyo's Ryōgoku Kokugikan; The Rose of Versailles banners will be paraded around before the final match of the day. The 13th volume of the manga will be published on January 25.

The Rose of Versailles' revival has been accompanied by other promotions, like a rose garden in Ginza and a fashion campaign.

Source: Comic Natalie; Image from Margaret Twitter

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