Ghost Pokemon Haunt Your Drinks as Cup Companions

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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The spookiest denizens of the Pokemon world are here to haunt your drinks for Halloween season. This is the pocket-sized monsters' second collection of PUTITTO capsule toys and they will go on sale at Pokemon Centers starting on September 30. A total of seven Ghost-type Pokemon were chosen for this release, including the popular Mimikyu.

Haunter uses his "Lick" attack to get a taste of your juice, lemonade, water, or iced coffee.

Sableye bares a eerie grin.

Banette holds on tight to the rim of the glass.

Drifloon looks a bit deflated.

Litwick is perfectly content melting away on your cup.

Gourgeist is a quintessential Halloween Pokemon. It looks like it's upset about something.

Mimikyu takes a break from keeping up its Pikachu facade.

Each PUTITTO figure costs 300 yen (about US$2.70). Ghost Pokemon merchandise is popular once fall arrives. The Pokemon Go app held its first in-game event last year where players caught 1.3 billion spooky Pokémon over the five day period.

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