Seki City's Culinary Festival Celebrates With 2-Foot Ice Cream Sword

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Ever year, Seki city in Gifu prefecture holds a cutlery festival to honor the areas history of blade production. Citizens throughout Japan make their way to Seki to watch forging demonstrations and pick up reasonably priced knives, scissors, and other tools.

The festival itself is also celebrating its 50th year with a one-of-a-kind blade sure to turn least until it melts.

Imuraya Confectionery collaborated with the town of Seki to create an Azuki Blade to display at the event on October 7-8. More delicious than deadly, this Japanese sword is made of red bean ice cream. The 65cm (26in) long blade has a wooden core that was encased in ice cream using a mold. The sword will be frozen while on display next to other sword demonstrations.

Seki's mayor Kenji Ozeki showed off a prototype at a press conference on Thursday.

The Azuki Bar ice cream is one of Imuraya's most popular products. Imuraya and Seki first collaborated last year by running a co-produced cafe during the festival. Visitors at this year's festival can take home one of their own ice cream swords as a gift, albeit much smaller in scale. Those swords will be both Yuzu (a Japanese citrus) and Koshian (red bean paste) flavored.

Source: Gifu Newspaper via Otakomu
Image via Imuraya Confectionary Twitter

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