Idol Concert Support System Lets Fans, Performers Interact During Shows

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Saitama University is developing a two-way idol support system for use at concerts. The developers hope the system can eventually be used at performances with tens of thousands of fans to help close the figurative distance between idols and audience members and increase the sense of unity.

Yoshinori Kobayashi, an associate professor of information science and technology at Saitama University, developed the system. A sensor in the idol's microphone and an accelerometer in a wristband the idol wears can measure the strength of their voice an movements. That data is wirelessly transmitted to a computer. Then, the computer sends a signal to fans' pen lights to light up with varying colors and intensity or vibrate. At concerts for musical groups with multiple members, each fan's pen light could interact with the performance of their favorite member.

Saitama University's idol dance circle SKR48 tested the system at a performance on October 28. A senior member of the four-idol group said that the system helped create a sense of unity with audience members compared to other concerts.

Fans' pen lights used with the system also have accelerometers inside. The developers are planning to add a method for fans' movements to affect the color of LED lights on idols' costumes to complete the two-way system.

Source: The Asahi Shimbun (Tetsu Kobayashi) via Nijimen

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