Traffic Accidents Top List of Causes of Death for Isekai Protagonists

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A dedicated fan apparently decided to compile a list of the causes of death for main characters in isekai stories. A revised chart dated November 28, 2017 that shows the number of isekai works that have certain types of deaths has been circulating online. The chart does not indicate the works in which the deaths occur.

"Unknown" deaths top the list with more than double the next two causes of death combined. Traffic accidents ranked at #2, and traffic accidents caused by trucks ranked at #3. Here are top causes of death according to the graph:

1. Unknown (102 works)
2. Traffic accident (38 works)
3. Traffic accident by truck (37 works)
4. Murder (31 works)
5. Disease (24 works)
6. Accident (16 works)
7. Death by overwork (14 works)
8. Battle (8 works)
9. Choice to reincarnate (7 workd)
10. Explosion (5 works)
10. Old age (5 works)
10. Lightning (5 works)
10. God (5 works)
14. Train accident (4 works)

Steel beam and execution both caused deaths of main characters in three works. Mochi, terrorism, suicide, dragon, plane crash, and fall down stairs were each the causes of death in two works.

Causes of death responsible for killing main characters in just one work each were book, hero, curse, fire, ritual, starvation, experiment, meteorite, blast furnace, vomiting while asleep, flowerpot, stray bullet, amezaiku (Japanese sugar art figures), slipping while climbing a mountain, fall from a ferry, fall from a bridge, collision with person committing suicide, gas, natural disaster, telephone pole, life support system failure, fall to the road from a bicycle, banana, tanker truck in a classroom, kitchen knife, drowning in a river, drowning in the ocean, vending machine, and avalanche.

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