Giant Robots Defeat Monster in the Name of Itchy Crotch Relief

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Bug repellent and itch relief medicine company Ikeda Mohando is promoting its range of products the best way it knows how: with a giant robot. The company debuted an animated promotional video on Tuesday titled Kokan Senshi Emzun where the titular giant robot takes on "Kayumi Majin MureTale," a monster spreading uncomfortable itching in "delicate areas."

Emzun initially seems at a loss after his attack fails to defeat the monster. Is there nothing the giant robot can do? Must men continue to endure itchy, uncomfortable groins?

Fortunately, the anti-itch relief comes in a larger tube and Emzun is able to get back up from the 35g robot to defeat MureTale. This might be the strangest giant robot theme I've ever seen, but there's also a web anime dedicated to eye drops, so who am I to judge?

Source: Oricon News

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