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Designer Launches Twitter Account to Take On Figure Maker After Alleged Poor Business Practices

posted on by Jennifer Sherman

A person claiming to be figure designer Kōji Ihara opened a new Twitter account on Monday for people or businesses who have been affected by figure maker Be-full's alleged actions. Ihara designed a figure of Encouragement of Climb's Hinata and Aoi for Be-full but is now discussing possible legal action against the company.

According to Ihara, Be-full asked him to change the figure's plans to use acrylic-style resin instead of PVC, which is higher-quality material. Ihara refused, and Be-full suddenly dismissed him from the project, did not pay him for work already completed, and also seized some of Ihara's personal property. Ihara believes that Be-full — a company that manages other figure makers such as Pulchra, FOTS Japan, FigureX, Insight, and Apricot blossom — is attempting to deceive consumers.

After discussing the situation with a lawyer, Ihara decided to join forces with people with similar problems with the company and collect their stories. Ihara is seeking people whom Be-full has denied after they reported buying inferior figures from the company, people who have not received the appropriate salary or fees from the company, and people who Be-full unjustly dismissed. Ihara emphasized that the goal of the account is to collect similar stories and not to propagate hate.

He added that he is open to hearing from people with even slight trouble with Be-full or its subsidiaries, and he noted that he will maintain responders' privacy. He asked for communication through direct messages. Ihara stated later on Monday that he has already collected information from various people who have been unjustly fired.

Source: @BefullHigai Twitter account via Yaraon!

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