Alice and Index Join Forces for SAO, A Certain Magical Index Campaign

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Two of the fall season's most anticipated anime premieres are teaming up a collaboration at the Atre Akihabara shop in Tokyo.

The store will sell t-shirts, wall scrolls, acrylic key holders, and clear files of the Sword Art Online character Alice and A Certain Magical Index character Index. For every 500 yen spent, buyers will receive a random character card.

The collaboration stars on September 28 and includes more than just merchandise. The store's PA system will air recorded voice segments by Alice voice actress Ai Kayano and Index voice actress Yuka Iguchi.

The nearby Akihabara UDX Restaurant and Lawson convenience stores will focus on A Certain Magical Index III during its premiere week. The UDX restaurant will distribute eight A Certain Magical Index III character coasters to its diners that spend at least 800 yen from October 1-14.

Lawson stores will start its own campaign on October 6 with original items limited to Lawson, Loppi, and HMV locations. The items include limited edition bromide prints, clear files, can badges, phone straps, acrylic standees, and wall scrolls.

The items can be reserved online, purchased over the counter, and found in special collaboration stores in Tachikawa.

A Certain Magical Index III will premiere on October 5. The anime returns to "Academy City" where student-aged residents with psychic powers receive a special curriculum to nurture their gifts. Touma appeared to have no gift at all but that was because his own power is to nullify the power of others. He encounters a girl on the run named Index and the two meeting drags Touma into all kinds of problems involving the conflicting magic-minded Roman Catholic Church and the science-focused Academy City officials.

No companies have so far announced English streaming plans for A Certain Magical Index III.

Sword Art Online: Alicization sees hero Kirito make a full-dive into a new fantasy-like virtual world and little memory of what he was doing before joining the game. He meets Eugeo, who shows a much wider array of emotions than the typical NPC. Kirito finds that he has memories of Eugeo that don't make sense and the lingering sense of a girl he once knew named Alice.

Sword Art Online: Alicization will premiere on television in Japan on October 6. Crunchyroll will stream the series.

Source: Comic Natalie, Animate Times

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