Kagoshima's Local Hero Team Gets Net Anime in February

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A group of six heroes protect the city of Kagoshima from evildoers. Well, supposedly. The Kiirender is a group of local performers who dress up in Super Sentai-like costumes and perform PR work for the city of Kagoshima, Kyushu's southernmost major city. The group was established in 2012, and each hero represents one of six school districts in Kiire-Chō from the Ibusuki district in Kagoshima.

To further spread awareness of their hero activities, Kiirender is getting a net anime in February that will be released on streaming platforms like YouTube. Shingo Tsuruda, a graphics designer based in Hirakawa-Chō, created a seven-minute animated film called Tatakidai in early December last year. He plans to release the anime with voice acting and refinements based on the feedback he receives from viewers.

The head of the executive committee of the anime is Etsuko Tetaka, the owner of a local coffee shop called Kōbōtetaka. She expressed her hopes that one day Kiirender will get a TV commercial or a 4-panel manga strip in the newspaper. "I want to make an anime that will make everyone smile," she said.

In the anime, children from Kiire-Chō transform into heroes and battle against personified sweet corn, the local specialty product of Kiire-Chō.

Source: Minami-Shippon Newspaper (January 10, 2019) via Kiirender's Facebook page

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