Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Wants to Do FFV Next

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

As the release date of the Final Fantasy VII Remake approaches, game producer Yoshinori Kitase has his sights set on a possible Final Fantasy V remake next. The project currently remains a personal dream of Kitase's, but he hopes it'll become a reality.

Kitase told Gamereactor in Madrid, "The first Final Fantasy that I worked on myself was Final Fantasy V, that hasn't been remade with the more realistic kind of approach yet, so I think it might be quite interesting to do a FFV remake someday."

Kitase was credited as a field planner for the SNES RPG in 1992. The game was later ported to the PlayStation with a cinematic opening and ending, the Game Boy Advance, Wii's Virtual Console, the Wii U, the New 3DS, iOS and Android devices, and PC.

Source: Gamereactor (David Caballero, Juan A. Fonseca)

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