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Chinese Virtual YouTuber Porin Returns From Hiatus With Recount of Human Trafficking

posted on by Kim Morrissy
VTuber says she was kidnapped by strange men and isolated in a remote village for 6 months

A Chinese Virtual YouTuber named Bǎilǐn Porin returned from an impromptu six-month hiatus on Saturday with a grim story alleging that she was a victim of human trafficking.

In a video update, she claimed that when she was walking home one day, she was approached by strange men claiming to be the police. When she entered their van, they took away her phone and drove her to a remote village, where she was placed in the servitude of a middle-aged woman. The woman would physically and verbally abuse her and use her arm as an ashtray.

Porin said that the police eventually rescued her. She also said that she has minor injuries and is seeking medical help and other assistances, but that she is still optimistic and does not want her viewers to worry about her.

Porin debuted in September 2021, and her last video was uploaded on October 18.

Human trafficking in China has been attracting international scrutiny throughout the past decade. In February, the Xuzhou chained woman incident, which involved an imprisoned woman who was forced to give birth to eight children, received international media attention.

Source: Bilibili via Reddit

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