March issue of Mayday Anime. Hiroshi Aro interview at

posted on 2001-03-07 00:06 EST
Mayday Anime discusses "every fans dirty secret" while interviews the creator of Futaba-kun Change.

Online Anime E-Zine, Mayday Anime, has posted its March Issue, Hentai, every fans dirty secret.

"Everyone knows about it, some even own it, but not many will admit to it. It's an anime fan's dirty little secret, and it's our job to expose it. Editor-in-Chief Michael Davis takes a look adult anime and attempts to define what it is, and it's appeal"

Reacting to the recent spat of alarmist press miss-associating Anime with porn and violence called Control Tower. "This section aims to see out the effects of anime on society, and those who attack the art." For their first installment, they take a look at KGTV's recent "Unit 10" report on Anime.

Meanwhile, has posted an interview with Hiroshi Aro. Hiroshi is best known in America for his manga Futaba-kun Change. "In this interview, he talks with us about the difficulty of finding the female perspective in Japan and the importance of leaving a note. "

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