Mainichi condemned for implied sexuality in Gundam Seed

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Implied Love Affair between 16 year old captain and 15 year old girl broadcast at 6pm


The Japanese Commission for better broadcasting has released an announcement stating that TV viewers complained about a scene in episode 16 of Gundam Seed. The scene in question shows the 16 year old protagonist, Kira, putting on his pants while a 15 year old female character is in bed in the same room. While there was no actual scene depicting any sex, the scene is thought to have suggested a sexual relationship between Kira and his 15 year old colleague. Many of the complainst had to do with such a scene being broadcast on TV at 6pm, as well as the widespread belief that Anime is for children (even in Japan).

Mainichi responded to the criticism stating that it should have given more careful consideration to the episode before airing it.

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