ANX Interview with Toonami's Sean Akins

posted on by Jonathan Mays
Animation Insider's Cody Silfies talks to the Toonami producer in first Toonami/fan interview in three years

Toonami: Absolution NeXt (part of Animation Insider) has conducted an interview with Sean Akins, the Cartoon Network producer responsible for Toonami, Adult Swim, and SNES. Akins discusses the Total Immersion Events, Toonami Programming, and more.

Interview clips:

-Kenshin "should have been an Adult Swim show"

-CN no longer has rights to Tenchi or Outlaw Star

-"Looking at" Tenchi GXP and OVA

-Giant Robot Week "Giant failure! Nobody watched."

-"Doubt" future ADV shows on CN

-"Didn't sell too many" Deep Space Bass CDs, "don't count on any more"

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