Bandai Character Sales Figures

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Top Earning Properties at Bandai Co.

Bandai of Japan has published a chart on their website detailing the sales of character goods for their 2000 through 2004 fiscal years.

Their 2004 Fiscal year ended on March 31st, 2005.

Total sales:
2000: 120.9 Billion Yen
2001: 118.4 Billion Yen
2002: 125.2 Billion Yen
2003: 128.6 Billion Yen
2004: 132.5 Billion Yen

Gundam was the most popular property by far, with sales ranging from 16 billion yen in 2000 to 320 billion yen in 2004 and a five-year total of 1.2 trillion yen.

In a distant second, were their Super Sentai products, bringing in 55.1 billion yen in sales over 5 years.

In third, with 55.0 billion yen in sales, was Masked Rider.

New for 2004, Pretty Cure racked up 10.1 billion in sales in 1-year, placing it third in 2004 behind Gundam and Super Sentai.

(1 Japanese Yen is currently worth US$0.0092).

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