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Vocaloid GUMI Stars in 'Koi Suru Dessan Ningyō' TV Anime Short

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
"Drawing Mannequin in Love" must pass audition against opposing show before becoming a full series

In January, NHK's E-tele channel audition program Aoyama 1seg Kaihatsu (The Development of the Aoyama 1seg) will feature an animation titled Koi Suru Dessan Ningyō (Drawing Mannequin in Love). The short animates the song of the same name with Vocaloid GUMI as the vocalist. GUMI, a personification of the vocal synthesizing bank of voice actress and singer Megumi Nakajima, will star as the main actress of the animation. The Aoyama 1seg Kaihatsu program prompts viewers watch pilots for proposed series and vote on which one they want to turn into a full regular series.

Animator Masanori Okamoto is producing, filming, and writing the script for the adaptation of sasakure.UK's song. Popular masked dancer Hitori de Dekiru Mon is acting as the human version of the doll. GUMI plays the girl that the doll is in love with. sasakure.UK has composed enough songs to use as themes for four episodes. sasakure.UK received assistance from Okamoto in composing the songs.

The story revolves around a drawing mannequin who is used by a girl every single day to help her draw. The doll falls in love with her, and one day suddenly gains the power to move.

A sample of Okamoto's animation work can be seen below:

まつすぐな道でさみしい / I am alone walking on the straight road. from Masanori OKAMOTO on Vimeo.

Source: animeanime.jp

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