Ōedo Blacksmith Trailer Features Blacksmithing, RPG Gameplay

posted on 2014-09-04 17:00 EDT by Kyle Cardine
PS Vita RPG from Nippon Ichi Software to have erotic elements

The official website for Nippon Ichi Software's PlayStation Vita game Ōedo Blacksmith began streaming the first full length promotional video on Wednesday. The trailer features interactions with the three main heroines in the game, dungeon exploration and blacksmithing gameplay.

A teaser site for Ōedo Blacksmith announcing the game launched in July. The game will ship for the PlayStation Vita on November 27. The downloadable version of the game will retail for 4,762 yen (about US$45) and the physical release for 5,980 yen (about US$57).

The lead female characters Kiyohana, Asaka, and Yūgiri are voiced by Izumi Chiba, Shizuka Tsuji, and Shizuka Itou, respectively. Nippon Ichi Software is streaming introduction videos for all three:

Other cast members include:

  • Uri Sugiyama as Ranmaru
  • Chisato Ozawa as Kana
  • Nanami Yoshino as Kiri
  • Naoko Kaneta as Rangakurin Hitoe
  • Mari Shiraishi as Risa
  • Marika Minase as Mase

The game will contain erotic elements similar to the Criminal Girls franchise. The story follows a swordsmith named Sōji with one year left of his life. The player controls the blacksmith has he creates sword and decorations to sell them for as much money as possible and pursue his romantic interest. The player must enter dungeons to mine for materials and battle enemies with help from hired allies.

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