Yo-kai Watch 3 Game Announced With USA Setting

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2nd anime season protagonist Inaho also stars in Nintendo 3DS game

Level5 unveiled Yo-kai Watch 3, the latest title in its Yo-kai Watch game series, on Tuesday. The game will be on the Nintendo 3DS portable system, and will take place in the United States of America.

Keita's Father: Keita... Your dad got transferred...
Text: The message of his father's work transfer was sudden
Keita: What does that mean?
Keita's Father: We're going to move... Overseas!
Text: The place they moved was none other than...
Keita: Huh!?!?!
Text: USA
Text: Depart for overseas!
Text: New adventures wait for you in the USA!
Text: This part over here is USA
Keita: Wow! It's totally different from Japan!
Text: This part over here is USA... And here... And here...
Whisper: Keita, you're so normal, even after coming to the USA!
Text: This place here is especially USA
Jibanyan: Nya nya nya! There's a Yo-kai I've never seen before!
Inaho: So you're the alien that's planning to invade Earth, right?
Text: The new protagonist Inaho also appears!
USA-pyon: Me is USA-pyon! I'm not an alien. I'm a Yo-kai!
Text: Over here are the USA battles
Whisper: Yo-kai Watch has evolved to U!
USA-pyon: Yo-kai Watch 3!
Text: The newest Yo-kai Watch
Text: Has finally been activated!
Text: Please look forward to it!

No release date or price has been announced for the game.

Level5 describes the title as an "updating game," as multiple large-scale updates will be available to download after its release. The game will feature new, "American-looking" Yo-kai, including (seen left to right in the image above) Dasocks, Pinto Corn, and Nikuyaki (Grilled Meat Ogre). The game will take place in the fictional town of Saint Peanutsburg (a pun on the Russian city) in the United States, where Keita will live in a large two-story house and have access to the Johnson Space Center.

Game developer Level-5 announced the Yo-kai Watch franchise in 2011 with a game, manga, and anime already planned. The franchise's first game for the Nintendo 3DS debuted in Japan in July 2013, and the anime premiered in January 2014. The latest game in the franchise, a third version of Yo-kai Watch 2, shipped in December. Bandai sells Yo-kai Watch toys and game tie-in medals in Japan.

A second season of the television anime will premiere in July, and will star Inaho as the protagonist.

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