Buddy Go! TV Anime Reveals 1st Episode, Cast

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Nobuhiko Okamoto, Asami Shimoda star in 3-episode short series about cross-dressing idol

The official YouTube channel for Shueisha's Ribon magazine began streaming the first episode on Thursday for the television anime adaptation of Minori Kurosaki's Buddy Go! manga.

The "cross-dressing romance" centers around Ai Shizukuishi, a shy, plain girl with not-so-great grades and a secret. She posted videos of her dancing in male clothes onto Smile Dōga (an homage to the real-life streaming service Niconico Dōga, which literally means "Smile Video"), and she became a viral hit. Ai aims to beat Hayate, the "godly" "prince of dance" on Smile Dōga. However, her cross-dressing dances happen to catch the eye of an entertainment agency, so she makes her professional debut — in an idol unit with Hayate. On top of that, the two have to share quarters under the agency's rules.

The May issue of Ribon additionally revealed on Saturday that Asami Shimoda will star in the show as Ai and Nobuhiko Okamoto will co-star as Hayate.

The anime will air for three episodes during the Oha-Suta (Good Morning Star) variety program on the TV Tokyo network at 7:05 a.m. on April 6, April 12, and April 19.

Kurosaki launched the manga in Ribon in September 2014, and Shueisha published the fourth volume on March 25. Other anime adaptations of Ribon manga that have aired on the Oha-Suta variety program include: Nanairo Kakumei, Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai., Tsubasa to Hotaru, Onnanoko tte., Sugar Soldier, The Romantica Clock, Nagareboshi Lens, Zekkyō Gakkyū, Crash!, Hiyokoi, and Chocotan!.

Update: The video streamed above is episode one, not a promotional video.

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