MangaGamer Reveals Physical Edition of Umineko Game, New Game From Da Capo's Circus

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Company works with former Visual Art's artist Itaru Hinoue to develop new game

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Video game localizer and publisher MangaGamer announced at its panel at Anime Expo on Saturday that it will release the first four chapters of the Umineko When They Cry game in a physical edition on August 18. The game is available for pre-order now.

The company also announced the following adult titles:

  • MOONSTONE's Princess Evangile WHappiness out on July 28
  • MOONSTONE's Magical Marriage Lunatics
  • Alicesoft's Evenicle
  • Hermit's The Most Forbidden Love in the World

MangaGamer also announced CIRCUS' (Da Capo series) new PC game Space Live!, which CIRCUS hadn't yet revealed in Japan. MangaGamer plans to release the game on Steam simultaneously in English with the game's Japanese release. MangaGamer describes the all-ages story:

Over 200 years in the future, humanity has abandoned reality and chosen to upload themselves into Net Space, a digital, interconnected world, divided into several factions surrounding different idols who compete every four years to win followers to their side.There's Macro Space's Ai E, a hardworking, easily flustered girl trying to regain her lost position; Goggle Space's G Chrome, a logical competitor using her wealth and data troves in a bid to secure the lead; Mosaic Space's Higitsune, a haughty, elusive idol enjoying the competition itself; Ai Space's Sarifa, an eloquent fashionista willing to bet it all; and Luna Space's Tsukikage, a minor idol hoping to finally gain some recognition.

MangaGamer also announced it is developing a new game with Itaru Hinoue (Clannad, Air, Kanon, Rewrite). The company will reveal more details on the game soon. The game's working title is Koropokkur. Hinoue is providing the art and Miyu Naito is writing the story. Hinoue announced in September she was leaving Visual Art's to work as a freelancer.

MangaGamer's panelists said the company is working to release more titles on Steam as all-ages titles with separate free adult-only patches. The Steam version of the games and the version offered on MangaGamer's website will be priced the same.

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