Kingdom Hearts III to Have 2nd Playable Character, Possible Switch Release

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PS4, Xbox One game slated to launch in 2018

Game director Tetsuya Nomura revealed in an interview with video game news source IGN at D23 Expo on Saturday that Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts III game will have another playable character besides Sora. He said, "Unfortunately we're not able to disclose who it is yet, but there will be [another playable character]."

Nomura also revealed that more than two additional characters will be able to fight with Sora. He said:

D-Link, that has been done away with. It was actually a compromise in a previous iteration because we were not able to display multiple characters on that platform in that game. We're able to depict multiple characters. Up to five people can join, even more, multiple characters can join your party.

In addition, Nomura said that the developers are focusing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases for the game before a possible release for the Nintendo Switch. The creators will focus on the platforms that have already been announced. However, Nomura said that after the PS4 and Xbox One versions have shipped, "maybe we can start thinking about other possibilities.”

Nomura also discussed the game's Toy Story world with video game website Game Informer. The game will not feature the story from Pixar's film, and the film's inclusion will be "completely original and exclusive to Kingdom Hearts." The story from the film in the game will take place "some place after Toy Story 2." In the story, Sora and friends will look for a new location called Galaxy Toys, search for Andy, and discover why Organization XIII has appeared in the Toy Story world.

The director said that he has wanted Toy Story to feature in the franchise since Kingdom Hears II. Nomura said:

Just looking at the trailer, I feel Sora really fit in and matched well with that world, and it's something I always personally wanted to see – that image of Buzz and Woody coming face to face with Sora in his toy form. I had been imaging that in my head, and to be able to execute that into the game is something I'm really excited for and I'm hoping fans feel the same way I do.

Nomura also discussed the mechs called Gigas, which appear in the game's new trailer, and confirmed that the Gummi Ship will return in the game.

Square Enix began streaming a five-minute D23 Expo 2017 for the game on Saturday. The video previews the Toy Story world and includes English subtitles.

Nomura revealed at D23 Expo 2017 on Saturday that the game will arrive in 2018. The game's Toy Story world will feature an original story. The game's other confirmed new worlds so far include Tangled and Big Hero 6, and the returning Olympus Coliseum world.

Square Enix first announced Kingdom Hearts III in 2013. The company stated on May 11 that the game was slated for release "in the next three years."

Kingdom Hearts III is slated for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Epic Games is assisting with the game's development, using Unreal Engine4.

[Via Siliconera]

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