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Sekai Project Adds NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 Visual Novel

posted on by Karen Ressler
1st game launched on Steam last April

Sekai Project announced at Anime Boston on Friday that it will distribute Whirlpool's NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 visual novel. The company revealed that the game is coming "pretty soon" to PC via Steam.

Sekai Project describes the sequel game:

With the introduction of new characters such as Ritsu, the newest catgirl to join the fray and Maya the bunny girl who think's she's a cat, just don't tell her she's not a cat! Get ready for more Ninjas, Cat girls and all the fun that can only come of having girls with animal ears want to serve your every whim!

NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 debuted on Saturday in Japan.

Sekai Project released the first NEKO-NIN exHeart game on Stream last April, and two "mini-sequels" titled NEKO-NIN exHeart +PLUS Nachi and NEKO-NIN exHeart +PLUS Saiha in November. The games featured Japanese audio with subtitles in English and Traditional Chinese. 18+ editions are available on Denpasoft.

Sekai Project also announced that it will distribute Studio Shimapan's Mahou Arms hack-and-slash dating simulator, Unwonted Studios' Warped Reality cyberpunk visual novel, and ebi-hime and Melow's AI-DOL visual novel. In addition, it announced that it will release its A Magical High School Girl rogue-like RPG for Nintendo Switch.

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