AtGames Deletes Twitter Post About Involvement with Sega Mega Drive Mini Console

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Console will feature "memorable famous games" from Mega Drive console released in 1989

Game hardware developer AtGames had posted a Twitter post on April 14 stating that Sega's Mega Drive Mini console will be "powered by the latest AtGames technology," but the company has since deleted the Twitter post. The company hasn't deleted several replies it made to users who commented on the original post, stating that Sega will reveal more information about the extended features of the console at a later date.

ANN reached out to AtGames for clarification on whether the company was involved in the Mega Drive Mini, and a company representative stated AtGames couldn't comment on the situation at this time.

Sega announced on April 14 that it will release a temporarily titled "Mega Drive Mini" console this year in Japan to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its Mega Drive console. The console will feature "memorable famous games" that Sega originally released on the Mega Drive.

Sega-Sammy Holdings Inc.'s President and CEO Haruki Satomi stated that the "Mega Drive Mini" will be different from an "overseas version" now on sale. Sega is itself planning and releasing the console.

AtGames released a Sega Genesis Flashback console last year, which featured 85 built-in games, although many of the games were ports and weren't originally released on the Sega Genesis. Sega officially authorized the console for several countries.

The Mega Drive was Sega's third console, and Sega released the console in Japan in 1989. Sega released the console in the same year in North America under the name Sega Genesis. Sega withdrew from the games console market in 2001.

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