Heroland Game Gets Release in Europe in Addition to U.S.

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Switch, PS4 game launches in 2019

Marvelous Games revealed on Thursday that it will release Furyu Corporation's Heroland (Work x Work) role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Europe in 2019. The company began streaming a video for the announcement that reveals a fall 2019 release. Marvelous Games' official website lists a winter 2019 release.

XSeed Games announced in June that Heroland will launch for the Switch and PS4 in the United States in fall 2019. XSEED Games' Knowble Edition will bundle a drawstring pouch, musical selections CD, theme park-style folded map, and sumo wrestling papercraft for US$49.99. The Knowble Edition will be the only retail version at launch. The game will also get a digital release on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store.

The game launched for the Switch in Japan on October 4 after a delay. The game then launched for the PS4 in Japan on February 28.

The game's story centers on two protagonists. Elric Bouche is the crown prince of the Yuishoal Kingdom. Through a coup, he drops down to 18th in line for the throne, and now he has the nickname "18." Even though he acts like a stuck-up idol, Elric is a very kind and sensible young man. On the other hand, "Pochio" is the eldest son of a poor family in a rural area. He has a real name, but ever since Prince 18 called him "Pochio," everyone's called him that and he can't remember his real name. He hates working and is self-indulgent.

There exists in this world a theme park called "Yusha-sama Land" on a small island, where anyone can experience becoming a brave hero. In order to take back his rightful place in power, Elric goes to the theme park to conquer the dungeons there, as there is a rumor that a real-life demon king is at the park. That is where he meets Pochio, who is useless at his part-time job as an instructor at the park. The selfish prince Elric and the useless part-time worker Pochio work together to defeat the demon king.

Takuya Yamanaka (director and original scenario for Caligula) is credited with planning and development for the game. Nobuyuki Inoue (director of Mother 3, Magical Vacation, programmer for Hanjuku Hero: Aa, Sekaiyo Hanjukunare...! ) was in charge of the game's scenario. Nobuhiro Imagawa (art director, worked on Mother 3, Fantasy Life, Kishi to Dragon, Dokodemo Dragon) was in charge of the game's graphics, and Tsukasa Masuko (composer for Mega Force, Shin Megami Tensei series, Bomb Jack, Magical Vacation, Caligula) composed the music.

Sources: Marvelous Games' YouTube channel, Marvelous Games, XSeed Games

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