Touhou Project's 15.5th Game Antinomy of Common Flowers Launches This Spring for PS4, Switch

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Also: Gensou Skydrift game launches on March 9 on PS4/PS5

Phoenixx Games announced on Saturday that Twilight Frontier's Touhou Hyōibana: Antinomy Of Common Flowers two-versus-two tag fighting game will launch for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in spring 2021.

Phoenixx Games also announced on the same day that illuCalab's Touhou Project racing fan-game Gensou Skydrift will launch for PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility) on March 9. The release will feature two new courses and two new characters, and will support English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Characters Alice Margatroid and Rin Kaenbyou will also be playable characters on all consoles from March 9. Phoenixx streamed a trailer for the release.

Gensou Skydrift launched for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in December 2019.

Team Shanghai Alice announced the Touhou Hyōibana: Antinomy Of Common Flowers game for PS4 in May 2019, and also stated at the time that it was preparing a Switch version of the game.

Touhou Hyōibana: Antinomy of Common Flowers is the third game in a series of Touhou Project fighting games developed by Twilight Frontier (Tasogare Frontier or "Tasofro") in collaboration with Team Shanghai Alice, and is officially counted as the "15.5th" game in the Touhou Project series. Its story follows the events of the Touhou Shinporoku: Urban Legend in Limbo fighting game. The game originally launched for PC at the Comiket 93 event in December 2017, and Twilight Frontier and Sunfish Co., Ltd. then released the game on Steam in January 2018.

Team Shanghai Alice released the first game in the series, Touhou: Highly Responsive to Prayers, in 1995 on the PC-98 platform. Since then, the series has spawned other main games, multiple spin-offs, and many fan-made derivative works based on characters and stories from the series.

Playism released Touhou: Double Dealing Character in May 2015 as the first official release of any game in the Touhou Project series in English-speaking territories. Playism, NIS America, and XSEED Games have released some of the fan-made games based on the franchise.

Touhou Kikeijū: Wily Beast and Weakest Creature is the 17th and latest main game in the Touhou Project game series, and it launched in September 2019. Touhou: Hidden Star in Four Seasons, the 16th main installment, debuted at the Comiket 92 event in August 2017. ZUN's Touhou Project Dai-16.5-Dan Hifū Nightmare Diary ~Violet Detector game launched at the Comiket 94 event in August 2018.

Sources: Phoenixx, 4Gamer via Gematsu, Press release

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