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AMN and Anime Advanced Announce Anime Game Demo Downloads

AMN and Anime Advanced Announce Anime Game Demo Downloads

Download PC anime game demos from AMN effective immediately!
SYOSSET, NEW YORK, February 7, 2006 --- Advanced Media Network and Anime Advanced, a premier news and entertainment media outlet is pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our already large database of content. Effective immediately, Anime Advanced is offering two downloadable anime game demos for the PC in the form of Ai Yori Aoshi and Ever 17: Out of Infinity by Hirameki International Group Inc.

Ai Yori Aoshi

The game version of Ai Yori Aoshi was originally developed for Play Station 2. In order to meet the demands of enthusiastic fans, a special English version has been made available for Windows platforms. Veteran fans of the Ai Yori Aoshi manga and anime, as well as everyone meeting Kaoru for the first time, will be certain to enjoy this beautiful and intelligent game.

Synopsis: One day, a beautiful kimono-clad young woman appears suddenly in front of college student Kaoru Hanabishi. Her name is Aoi Sakuraba, and she has been promised to him in marriage. The two were betrothed to each other when they were very young, as part of a business agreement between their families. Kaoru has since cut ties with his family and its corporate empire, and cannot agree to the marriage; but as he gets to know Aoi, he is won over by her loyalty and kindness. Aoi sympathizes with Kaoru's plight, and resolves to stay and live with him. So the young couple, both born in the lap of luxury; start a new life together in Kaoru's cramped apartment.

This is a love story steeped in Japanese culture. First serialized in Young Animal magazine, and published by Hakusensha in 1995, Ai Yori Aoshi has enchanted fans everywhere and become artist Kou Fumizuki's best-known work. The ongoing story focuses on the sweet but complicated relationship of the two main characters. Ai Yori Aoshi was animated in 2002 by JC STAFF (R.O.D., Azumanga Daioh) and is available on DVD in the U.S. through Geneon. TokyoPop offers an English-language version of the manga.

Ever 17: Out of Infinity

Welcome to the ultimate suspense love story. Ever17 became a major hit in 2005 when it was released on the PlayStation2 and Dreamcast, and was reconfigured to run on Windows. Each of the game's female characters has her own unique story that develops through five different scenarios that you, the player, must play though as one of the two protagonists.

Synopsis: It is May 1, 2017, 12:51 p.m.
Seven people find themselves trapped without warning in the marine theme park LeMU, 167 feet underwater. Water, air and food are in short supply, and worse yet, a mysterious virus lurks deep in the ocean. The park is relentlessly assaulted by water pressure, and the protective bulkhead will collapse in the next 119 hours. Time is limited for the people trapped in LeMU. As they fight to escape, the bonds between them grow stronger - bonds of friendship, and bonds of love. But time waits for no one, and your time is close to running out. With an ending that packs the ultimate in surprises, what will happen to you? What will you gain when you finally discover the secret of LeMU? And what will you lose?

Romance is essential to solving the game's puzzle. More specifically, if you succeed in winning over one of the women, you move a step closer to solving the game. Only after succeeding at completing all of the five scenarios will the player be able to complete the game itself.

We've stretched the definition of the word a bit by calling Ever17 a "love story"; your main goal is not to find love with one of the female characters, but to unravel the many mysteries of the game. Why have these men and women met in this place? What secrets are they hiding? And what was it that caused that terrible accident?

From beginning to end, Ever17 is a game guaranteed to move and surprise you.

Ever17 is visual novel that you move through by reading the screen. The plot develops based on the choices you make as you go along; your decisions create a unique story scenario for your character. Each scenario takes about a week to complete, or 119 hours within the game.

There are two main characters in Ever17. One of them is a university student, Takeshi Kuranari; the other is a young man suffering from amnesia. At the start of the game, you choose which character you would like to play. The two main characters are polar opposites, so choosing one limits the number of scenarios you will be able to play. To clear the entire game and its various storylines, you must play as both of them. If you decide to play as Takeshi, the amnesiac appears in the game as a sub-character, and if you decide to play as the amnesiac, Takeshi appears as a sub-character. Using these two characters as your eyes, you will be able to see all the secrets of LeMU.

About Hirameki International Group Inc.
Hirameki International Group Inc.
Founded March, 2000
18725E. Gale Ave. Suite 130
City of industry, CA 91748

Currently, nearly seventy percent of PC games in Japan are so-called visual novel games. Recently, many of these games have gone on to become TV anime - for instance, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Sukisho, and Tsukihime. A number of these shows have been released to DVD in America, and most of you are probably familiar with them. The visual novel games themselves are characterized by a uniquely Japanese aesthetic - moe, or a sense of adoration for the characters - and have expanded into a wide variety of genres. We hope to choose the very best of all these games, and introduce them to the American market.

To Japanese otaku, visual novels are nearly as indispensable as anime and manga, and we are proud to make them available to an international audience. Discover the next great thing from the land that gave the world otaku culture! For more information, please visit http://www.hirameki-int.com.

About Anime Advanced & Advanced Media Network:

Anime Advanced started off in 2004 as a division of the Advanced Media Network©. Since 2004, Anime Advanced has been raising the bar for online anime news and media outlets the world over. With industry standard reviews, previews, industry news, press release coverage, interviews, upcoming attraction trailers, and convention coverage, Anime Advanced has become a leader in unparalleled industry coverage since its inception almost 3 years ago.

Parent company, Advanced Media, Inc™., encompasses a broad spectrum of the interactive video game and entertainment industry coverage. Since its inception as GameCube Advanced 6 years ago, the company had grown at a steady pace into an interactive entertainment network giant. Its forums are comprised of over 7,000 members; many of which are always active in creating a tightly-knit community of fans and an incredible resource for breaking news on a daily basis. Advanced Media Network is a highly recognized international company with sites covering the American and European territories, as well as Japan and many parts of Asia. Its video game and anime sites are recognized world leaders in coverage of products ranging from Nintendo Company, Ltd., Nintendo of America, Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Activision, ADV Films, Geneon Entertainment, FUNimation Entertainment, and many more. Advanced Media Network has offices headquartered in Michigan, California, and New York. For more information, please visit http://www.advancedmn.com.

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