Uncensored LINDA Project Doujinshi Comic Downloads from JLIST.com

San Diego, California, Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online shop JLIST.com today announced the release and immediate download availability of two new adult doujinshi from the prestigious Japanese artist circle LINDA Project. These erotic parody comics have been produced in full cooperation with the artist, with authorized English and French translations and uncensored visuals seen here for the first time ever.

J-List founder Peter Payne said, "We're excited to bring these amazing books to fans in a way that preserves the artist's original vision, and is uniquely accessible to non-Japanese speakers. With the amazing value and reasonable price, along with the files being available in DRM-free formats like ZIP, CBR and PDF, we believe this is the right path to take to make more of these excellent comics available to fans."

J-List has worked closely with the artist to bring the scanned doujinshi, which are comics that parody popular anime series like Bleach, Naruto and so on, at a price international fans can accept, just $6 per book. The doujinshi have been translated from the artist's original pages, and are 100% uncensored, something fans in Japan don't even have access to. J-List hopes to use this new venture as a springboard and get the works of other artists available, soon.

The doujinshi, which feature adult content and should only be viewed by persons aged 18 and older, can be seen here:


About JLIST.com

Founded in 1996 and based in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, J-List, Ltd. is the premiere online shop for all things Japanese. In addition to a full lineup of erotic "hentai" manga, adult videos and dating simulation games, J-List carries hundreds of uniquely Japanese items from bento boxes to anime figures and Japan-themed snacks like Kit Kat. As the originator of such classic net memes as the "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend" kanji T-shirt. The site can be found at http://jlist.com (all products, including adult) or http://jbox.com ("PG" products only).

About LINDA Project

Japanese manga artist LINDA has been active for a decade in both professional and amateur circles, producing several volumes of serialized manga and doujinshi each year. His art is frequently featured on H manga magazine covers, and has appeared in erotic hentai games and anime. His official Japanese website can be found at (http://linda-comic.com/).

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